Making Decisions

With the emotions running high about the upcoming election on the horizon, there’s so much to consider:

  • What will be your next move?
  • How you will handle the outcome of the Presidential election and the local elections that have significant impact on our day to day lives?
  • Have you created a strategy now that will help ensure that your next moves are in line with your long-term plans?

As we anticipate things starting to move again once we get past the election, it is important to address these things now. 

The upcoming election will carry with it a ton of emotion regardless of where you sit.  We can agree that people are fairly polarized on one side or the other.  Have you thought about what you will do?  

Corporations have gotten much more focused on fact-based decisions.  This is good and I think we can take a page from their book.  How can you set emotion aside so that the facts that influence your situation can be clear and at the forefront of your thinking? Consider these tactics:

(1) You can design a particular space to express how you feel and let it all out.  Talk it out or write it down, but get full expression.  

(2) Next, state or restate exactly what you want and where you are headed.  

(3) Follow that by outlining the facts that should be considered in making a decision about your next move.  If an emotion sneaks into the list – flag it and pull it out.  You want a clear view of the facts.  With a clear view of what you must consider, gather with the folks that help you with decisions. 

 (4) Discern and go.  Mind you, “go” might mean holding steady.  The point is, this is a time to get clear about what you want, what the facts are that should drive your decisions and making fact-based decisions for your life. 

Give ample time and space to honor and express your feelings, the part of us that is fully human.  Getting practiced at this for all aspects of our lives will lead us to creating the life we desire and positioning us for the legacy we want to leave.

Dr. Lisa

P.S. Our theme song is “Easy” by the Commodores.


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