What’s in you is coming out of you…

If we have learned nothing else in 2020, we’ve learned that nothing is promised and we have the chance to make a difference for others every day. Through this pandemic, we have seen so many examples of people finding a way to add something positive to the mix. Artists are finding ways to still share their art with us. Singers are singing. I saw the story of a photographer taking pictures of people at their homes at a distance. People are still bringing joy through their craft!  I am encouraged by that, actually down right inspired! 

Sometimes you are aware of the legacy you are creating.  Maybe it comes into consciousness because someone tells you the difference you made in their life, or maybe you are aware of the impact you have had on others, good or bad. But, what happens when we do not find a way to express what is in us? It will find another way to escape us.

Consider the writer who isn’t writing and is feeling depressed.  They missed the connection that depression could be an expression of the desire to write coming out in a different form.  

Whatever is in you is coming out, one way or another.  Your challenge is to channel it in a positive way. 

Take this moment to consider who you are and what is in you, and find a way to fully express it as it was designed to be expressed.  Just write or sing or dance or play ball or code or cook or whatever…  Do you! All of the reasons not to do it won’t matter.  Even if it’s warped into something we don’t recognize, it is still a release.  Let’s let it be what it was designed to be.

It doesn’t have to make tons of money to make an impact on the world.  It just has to find a way to the world, and then let it unfold!  And your legacy will be made with a lot more joy–with the kind of impact that changes us forever. 

Dr. Lisa

Our theme song is I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross


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