Self-reflective Questions – Why Are You Still Doing the Work You Do?

This month has been an insightful journey in self-reflection. If you’ve been following along with me, I hope you’ve made some discoveries that have led to some self-celebration or plans for actions to get you there. As we close out the month, I’d like you to contemplate a final question: “What is your why?” 

Why are you still doing the work you do?  For me, that’s easy.  I have loved HR since finally discovering it. I love Diversity, Inclusion and Equity work because it includes the elements of Human Resources that I love: people development, leadership and helping leaders and employees actualize their potential.  Few things in my work give me greater joy than to see others find a new place of understanding for themselves and achieving a level of improvement in some way.  There are approaches in my field that, if employed, will change the way we practice inclusion and yield greater diversity. My confidence and certainty of this is why I still do this work. It is a part of my “why.”  It will take time and I am totally here for it.  I often joke about winning the lottery and retiring the same day, but the truth is, even if that were to become a reality, I would keep doing this work with Illumina.  I believe we have something special, and along our quest to unlock the genome, we will unlock the path to true Diversity, Inclusion and Fairness.  Simply stated – I love it. That’s why I continue to do what I do. 

Why do you continue to do what you do?  Do you love it?  If the answer is no, what would you rather be doing?  If you feel like you can’t do something different because of golden handcuffs (or any other reason), is there another way that you can fill your cup with inspired work?  The why question is always so powerful because it can lead you to your purpose.  We can have many purposes in our lifetime.  What purpose does the work you are currently doing serve for your life right now? Does it facilitate other purposes that bring you joy?  A great example of that is a friend of mine who would take her service dog to Levine Hospital to visit the children.  It became  clear to her that her one big purpose in her life was to help sick children by lifting their spirits with her beautiful dog.  Her day job facilitated that purpose.  She was good at her work and she had great value for it because it was a necessary part of her bigger work: serving sick children. 

So, take time to discover your “why.”  If you like the answer, lunge in. If you don’t like the answer, start looking at how to make change.  I encourage you to look at some of my previous and upcoming blogs  for inspiration that might help facilitate your thinking process. 

Dr. Lisa

Our theme song this week is a long time favorite, “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson.


Comment 1

    June 30, 2021

    Am enjoying your blog so much. Sorry I have not been commenting, but wanted you to know that I applaud your work.

    My work (in retirement) pleasantly is being present to help someone every day. Whether it is being available to chauffeur someone somewhere, taking something to someone, volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House (weekly), baking cakes for people or even a simple smile to a stranger on a walk, the act of service brings me so much joy.

    Perhaps you were wanting more “profession related” feedback but it was fun to just be in touch with you!

    Be well and keep on keeping on!

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