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Life will contain some challenges – don’t toil and lose time. Get advice, take action and move forward.  Tap into inspiring and personal reflections on how to solve challenges that seem to hold us back.

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Harnessing Your Power! Blog

Career Help & Support Advice

Lots of issues show up at work that can be difficult to manage. And yet it is important for our own sanity that we feel like we are managing things well…

Blazin’ Your Path Podcast

On a Mission in Your Career

The world is evolving so fast and so are careers. New opportunities emerge all of the time and others become obsolete. Adding to that complexity…

Inputs to Action Podcast

Focus on Diversity

Understanding and appreciating how we are all so different and so much the same at the same time can be challenging. Add in work and hierarchy…

Dr. Lisa’s blog will be a regular post of a coaching insight from the day.
She coaches people every day. It is in the everyday that great insight is garnered.

Meet Dr. Lisa

This is me and my family. For many of us this is where it all begins – our families. I believe that we come into who we are as professionals through the relationships in our lives. Whether it is our family or those we work with, we decide who we are and what we will be about through our interaction with others, which isn’t always easy.

Everyone has a gift and mine has always been listening, connecting the dots, and sorting through the stuff to get to the core issue.

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My Family

Dimensions of Diversity Latest Podcasts

Words of Wisdom for Growth

Through her years of experience, Dr. Lisa helps you find your strengths,
understand them, and use them for personal growth.

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Restless and Ready $750

This 5-session package features a full strengths finder assessment and email check-ins.

One and Done or Refining Tune-ups $150

This package features a la carte sessions.

The Family Experience (for 4) $450

This package includes a Full Strengths finder Assessment and a 3 hour block of Understanding Strengths, Adult Review, Children review, and family review.

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Broad experience is always a bonus.

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