Dr. Lisa, the Consultant

Dr. Lisa Toppin

Dr. Lisa Toppin, the Speaker

Many companies, large and small are ready to sort through how to create a workplace that is welcoming, inclusive and fair. This is a significant challenge as many of the practices that create the talent cycle are laden with bias.

Dr. Lisa Toppin offers consulting on:

  • How to Deconstruct to Re-construct (TM applied for) the Talent process to create Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • How to build programming to support a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion including the use of Employee Resource Groups and Councils
  • How to design a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy that leads to and sustains change

Dr. Toppin can deliver power keynotes and training to support the development of your team.

Workshop, Training and Keynote topics include:

  • Why Followership is Central to Leadership and Why Leadership is Central to DEI
  • How Inclusive Sponsorship is a Key Leadership Tool to Creating DEI
  • How to Deliver your Excellence and Become Sponsorable
  • Introduction to Strengths Based Leadership
  • Finding My Excellence Through Strengths
  • Leading Through Strengths
  • Building Strong Inclusive Teams through Strengths

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