Are You Looking Past What Makes You Shine?

Recently, I took notice of my daughter‘s attention to detail. When we are out, she remembers exactly where we parked the car. This may seem minor, but when I discover that her memory is peppered with details about the area I did not take notice of, I become more and more impressed. I see her practice this over and over again in various areas of her life. Lately, I have started to show her where she sees details and others don’t. It would be easy for her—like many of us do—to disregard this as not a big deal. Instead, I take the time to point these qualities out and discuss the question, “what does it translate to?”

Like Lindsey, I’d bet that there are many intrinsic, transferable skills that you possess but overlook. Chances are, you have seen them in your life, but because it came so easy to you, you decided it must be easy for everyone, and disregarded it as a standout quality. For example, Lindsey being detail-oriented translates to a lot of careers I cannot pursue! She can take this skill and apply it to a myriad of things—technology, editing, etc.

As you work to position yourself to shine in this new year, I suggest spending some time taking inventory of your soft skills (and even those that you may want to work on). To get a clearer picture, it may be helpful to talk to those closest to you. As in my daughter’s example, they may point out things that you never even considered. Additionally, looking at the skills required of your current and prior positions may help point out skills that you use every day and excel at.

After you’ve completed the list of skills, it’s time to consider positioning yourself to shine. That is, you need to put yourself in places where the very things you thrive at are the very things needed. Don’t misunderstand—shining may include accolades, but often it does not. What it always includes is your personal excellence, and that shines through whether anyone acknowledges it or not. Your excellence is a destination worth striving for.

So, what skills are you leaving on the table?


Dr. Lisa

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