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In 2008, Prop 8–a ballot proposition intended to ban same-sex marriage–was passed in California. I was devastated by the news. Here we stand again, in 2022, facing profound disappointment following SCOTUS’ dismantling of Roe v. Wade…

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Lots of issues show up at work that can be difficult to manage. And yet it is important for our own sanity that we feel like we are managing things well. Many of us seek advice from friends and family. Often, those sources are so biased for you that they can’t be as helpful as you hope. Share your question here – any question and I will give you my best advice. We can create strategies for, but not limited to: struggles in your role, management of a difficult employee, the boss that’s not nice or unreasonable, co-workers that don’t work, the interview process, the negotiating process, building a career, transitioning a career, getting a mentor, being a mentor, getting sponsored, dating at work or not, feeling less included, when to stay, when to leave and the list goes on! Check out what others have asked!

Give me your problem and I will give you advice. You can add my advice to all of the other advice you have received and decide for yourself what is best and how to move forward.

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