Career – Blazin’ your path: On a Mission

The world is evolving so fast and so are careers. New opportunities emerge all of the time and others become obsolete. Adding to that complexity, you evolve too. A common question folks struggle with is determining if a particular career is for them and what will it take to pursue it. The question gets even more challenging when you are trying to move from one career to another. I will talk with leaders from all kinds of careers exploring what they do, what training and skills are needed to do it and how to move into the career from another place. Listen and Learn!

We spend a lifetime working. Some of us find exactly what we want and others of us don’t. There are lots of competing factors that we don’t control but there is a lot that we do control. Hearing from others can help you discern what else to explore as you consider career choices and how to leap forward with the right questions in hand.

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