Women’s History Month: “Choose to Challenge”

March is Women’s History Month, and International Women’s Day is March 8th, so naturally we will celebrate women all month. “Choose to Challenge” is our theme. We are raising our hands to indicate that we are all in on challenging inequality. An explicit challenge requires that we consider the current state and actively decide to question it. That question leads to changing it. We have to see it to challenge it.

This month I hope you will join me in challenging the status quo. We have to call it out, which will indeed require some risk on our part. But, if we don’t call it out, who will? And, when will they?

Here’s what you can bank on: if you start looking for inequality, you will find it. It’s everywhere. Sexism is a system that permeates our society. International Women’s Day is our collective call to pay attention and “Choose to Challenge” it. It’s a call to action to challenge it actively and frequently. Here is my list for your practice of challenge this month and every year.

  • Look for women to compliment this month. Go out of your way to acknowledge the excellence all around you. Just say “Well done” to as many women and girls as you can.
  • Compliment our male colleagues, partners, and friends when they say or do something that supports a woman. You may ask why we should compliment people for doing what they naturally should be doing. We do it because each one of us deserves to be seen and acknowledged for the good we do. So, compliment our male colleagues, partners, and friends, as well.
  • If you manage a woman, reevaluate her pay and consider strongly if it is truly equitable to her contribution. Challenge yourself to correct any situations that are even close!
  • Support a new woman owned business. Go find one and spend!
  • Support a woman-focused non-profit
  • Support a non-profit focused on children. Children’s welfare is front and center for moms. Help is always needed.
  • Find your own way and share your ideas with us!

Dr. Lisa

Our theme song is “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé.


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