Could You Run on Your Record?

With the 2020 Election Day behind us, let’s all breathe a sigh of relief.  Whatever you wanted the outcome of the election to be, the voting and the campaigning are in the books and it’s time to turn your attention back to you.

Using the recent election campaigning for perspective, consider that you are the incumbent in your role. If you were running for a professional role, or for any role you play in life, could you run on your record?  Would you want to?  As an employer, would you want to hire you if you could see your inner thoughts?  Would YOU pick YOU?  Take a moment to consider personal interactions, as well.   As a friend, do you have a strong track record?  As a family member, would you want to be related to you?  These questions and their answers make up your legacy.  The one you are creating every day.  It’s what you leave behind with each day you wake, and close out by closing your eyes.  

Hopefully, as you evaluate your answers, you are happy with them. If not, it is not too late to build the legacy you would like to have.  You may have another process but I will offer this one for you to consider.

  1. Pick the role in which you are leaving your legacy – work, hobby, family, friends, etc.
  2. Describe what you would like to be known for in that role.  What would you like others to say about you?  What would you like to campaign on?
  3. Self-evaluation – how are you doing?  How could you improve?  What will it cost you to deliver on the desired outcome? Are you running on your record?  What would you commit to, to get four more years?
  4. Identify what you have to do to get there.  How will you close the gap?
  5. Execute.

If you find that you are already satisfied with how you are performing, then pick another area.  If all are covered well, then congratulations.  Keep going!

Dr. Lisa

P.S. Our theme song is “Give the People What They Want” by The O’Jays.


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