Discovering the Joy of the Journey

I recently caught up with a friend who made a big career change and she described her current work life  as “heaven.”  Now, that has got to be a happy place! 

As she talked, I could hear the positive energy in her voice brought on by the joy and the satisfaction of what she was doing.  Here’s the thing that is always true and people don’t expect: she is busier than she has ever been.  Her days are long and filled with multi-tasking. But, she is on fire and loving every minute of it.  She can see her growth and she is learning from her mistakes.  The cool thing is she is taking those mistakes in stride as though they were just flights of steps that take her higher into the heavens.  It was really nice to see.  How about you?  Is your work “heaven” for you?  

I know for many of you the “right-now” job is not heaven and that can be a huge frustration.  Regardless of whether the work you are doing right now is your dream job or not, it has value and I don’t just mean “paying the bills” value.  

I mean it’s teaching you something you will need when the dream job shows up.  You will feel a jolt of energy if you can start to see how the current work is serving you.  Not only will you enjoy it more, but that identification leads you right to the question of what should your next step be.  And it is in considering and taking the steps that you will discover the joy of the journey. 

Dr. Lisa Toppin

Our theme song is “Heaven is a Place on Earth” by Belinda Carlisle


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  1. Reverett
    October 4, 2020

    Nicely said! When I coach, that jolt of energy clients get when things start to fall into place, and the answers start rolling out in front of them – that’s contagious to me!

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