Finding Your “Next”

Finding your “next” seems so elusive for some that it keeps them paralyzed in one place for a long time.  If this is your challenge, it’s actually a good one.  It’s good because you know you want or need something else.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what that is.  I, too, had this challenge in my early career and since then, my advice has been the same: pick something and try it. This is the course that I’ve stuck by because it works.  

Were you looking for something more profound?  I can understand that, but in this instance the practical advice is what actually works.  

When you have explored all of the ideas you can think of, you need new input to get to a new action.  New input could mean discussion with others, reading books and articles or listening to podcasts.  All are good forms of information that will add to the information you already have and offer you a new perspective.  

The new action comes when you actively add to what you already know, to learn or discover something and then try it out!  Just try it.  You will learn so much more than just leaving the idea in your head.  Consider why certain classes or degrees have practicums.  You have to dig in and get your hands dirty to really know what it is all about. This is no different.

I talked to a woman recently who was ready to start her LLC.  She is planning to consult but has not started because she doesn’t know what to name the business.  After 5 months, she is still waiting to start.  

My advice to her was this: just pick something and get started.  If a better name emerges, change it.  That’s paperwork.  It does not have to be perfect coming out of the gate, it just has to come out of the gate.  Iteration is great, but you can’t get to that until you get to start.  So, to find your “next,” pick something you think you might like and let’s get it.

Dr. Lisa Toppin

PS: Theme song is “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” by Michael Jackson.


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