Get in Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble -John Lewis

“Get in Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble”

Many of us have been moved by the life and work of John Lewis. He encouraged us to get into good trouble.  For those of us who are just getting started in the activist world, be patient with yourself.  Being a good activist takes practice.  I know this because I am making a concerted effort to activate myself on issues that are important.  

For those in Charlotte, you know that Charlotte was ranked 50th out of 50 in an economic mobility study conducted in 2017.  We can do better. We must. I have joined with a small group of women who want to try to make a difference.  Our first efforts look like first efforts.  Let’s just say the award committee for “killin it” hasn’t arrived yet, but we are trying. With one woman, leading us with her excellent research, we have turned our attention to the Restorative Resolution.  I wrote the City Council, and Dimple Ajmera responded to me right away.  I am highlighting it here because I want you to reach out to your Council Member too.  It is my observation that we can do this. We can lift our community. We don’t have to have superhuman strength or time. We all can do a little, which will add up to a lot. Stay encouraged. First efforts will look like first efforts. The key is to get to second and thirds.  They will look better and you will be the activist you envisioned.  Love, time and patience.  Harness your power.  

Dr. Lisa Toppin

PS: Our theme song is “Wake Up Everybody” by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes


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