Happy Fourth of July

Dear Friends:

Independence!  We have been celebrating our independence from British rule since 1776.  We all know the story: Britain wanted more control and the independent colonies started sharing with each other and given similar governmental structure, decided to unite and formally break away. If we are honest, we began this country under a cloud of mess.  Not only were we busy declaring our freedom from British rule while fueling a heavy slave trade from Africa, we were also trampling on the rights of the indigenous people.  What we got was independence, not freedom.  We were independent and free from British rule but not free from our own behavior.  Settlers looked for ways to rationalize it and make it ok by convincing ourselves that the enslaved African was not fully human, thus making the system of slavery and racism acceptable.    

Fast forward a few centuries and here we are struggling with the same issue.  We now are just beginning to confront our issue of freedom.  We are working through the understanding that we are connected to one another and, therefore, your lack of freedom impacts mine.  We are accepting that we are interdependent, just like the colonies.  My well-being is tied to yours.  Now that the world can see racism and how it works, it can no longer sleep the same until we fix it. That’s why we see marching all over the world.  We are no longer collectively blind to what has been.  We see the truth.  

I want and need you to be free because it’s the only way I can be free.  Our shared work and path toward that freedom is totally worth working on, even dying for.  Happy Independence Day Everyone. I love being on the journey with you. Our collective freedom is next up! 

Dr. Lisa

PS: Our theme song is “America the Beautiful” by Ray Charles.


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