Input to Action: Focus on Diversity

Understanding and appreciating how we are all so different and so much the same at the same time can be challenging. Add in work and hierarchy and it can really be tough to sort through sometimes. Our culture, our demographics suggests we must sort through it and get good at it. The best way to do that is talk about it. Sometimes things happen that leave us feeling outside of the group. We cannot always be sure of the intentions of others but we can be very purposeful about ours. Hearing others talk about issues of inclusion in the workplace can help you get clear about what you are experiencing and how you want to show up. Check out what my guests have to say! You will find them interesting, entertaining and above all educational.

Wrinkles can get ironed – we can talk about tough issues. It can be scary but once you wade in, you realize it is not so scary. We can handle it. And we must handle it to get better.

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