Independence Day

How did you spend your July 4th holiday this year? I hope you were able to enjoy some sunshine and fellowship with friends and family. While this holiday offers the fun of backyard barbecues and trips to sandy beaches, it also usually triggers contemplation of the word “independence” and the freedom it implies.

By recognizing Juneteenth as a national holiday this year, America has begun to acknowledge her troubled beginnings. In spite of our troubled beginnings, we have much to celebrate today. The access we have to the tenants that make up certain freedoms, like speech and press, can garner a stronger appreciation when we consider that there are some people in other countries that would be jailed for
the choices we make and actions we take that are protected by said freedoms.

Is our system perfect? No. There are very clear things that we must continue to work on and improve, but it does offer some real advantages. A few weeks ago, I shared an invitation to commemorate Juneteenth with Outdoor Afro. This organization was asking you to spend 2.5 hours outdoors on June 19th and reflect on what it means to be free in America.

I’d like to piggyback on this idea and encourage you to take some time to consider your freedom and how you use it. Blogger Wanda Zippler wrote: “For every freedom that we have, we have a social contract with society and a responsibility.” Maybe this year, consider how you use your freedom. Who or what do you stand for? Do those impacted know how you stand? It’s nice to enjoy freedom. It’s nice to activate it too. I hope you had a happy 4th and that you are standing loud and proud in your freedom.

Dr. Lisa

Our theme song is “Free” by Prince.


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