It’s almost Mother’s Day. Who do you love?

Dear Friends:

May 10th is Mother’s Day, which historically is huge for our culture and some industries.  Flower shops, candy merchants, card sellers and the shippers of things – FedEx and others – do very well during Mother’s Day season.  Why?  Because so many of us take the moment to acknowledge those who love us.  Whether it’s our mother or anyone that has nurtured us, the hope is we all have somebody who has loved us and loves us still.

It’s easy to focus in on what you have received, but this time I want you to flip the script and think about who you have loved?  Who have you offered nurturing or wisdom to?  Who have you poured your heart out to, with the expectation that payback will look like their success and wellbeing? Who do you love?  How do you share it?  This Mother’s Day, I encourage you to let those who have loved you know how much they mean to you.  I can tell you, as someone who lost her mother 15 years ago, I know she knew I loved her, and yet I would love to tell her in person one more time.  I am also encouraging you to be that momma for somebody who needs it.  Trust me, we all need it from time to time.  Love, encouragement, safety, belonging – extend it.  Be somebody’s someone that they need to include on their calls on Sunday, and yet don’t expect one. That’s harnessing your power – powering others forward.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Take care of yourselves,

Dr. Lisa


P.S. Your theme song is none other than, “I’ll Always Love My Mama” by The Intruders.



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