It’s The Holiday Season – First Up DiWali

Hard to believe that 2021 is in the final 60 days. When I say that was a fast year, I mean it was a fast year. The good news about bringing the year to a close is entering the holiday season.

While it can be easy to get caught up and consumed by the holidays that we personally celebrate, I encourage you to learn more about the holidays that you don’t typically honor. In the spirit of embracing diversity and discovering and building inclusion, finding connections with holidays you do not celebrate can bring a new kind of joy.

Below is a link to an article on Diwali, a holiday identified as the biggest holiday in India, celebrated by more than 1 billion people.  When you read the article, see if you notice what I did.  No matter where we are in the world, our holidays look similar, defined by meaningful celebrations, rituals, food, family connections, etc.  The words and maybe the specific elements change but the feelings, the importance and the significance of connecting with one another do not.

I want to ask our friends who celebrate the Festival of Lights to share with us what it is that you love about the holiday and help us know you a little more by learning about your holiday.

Wishing you a great holiday season,

Dr. Lisa

Our theme song for the Festival of Lights is – Diwali songs collection

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