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It’s Ya Birthday!

In my history of birthday celebrations, they’ve always been relatively low key and carried an understated tone.  While my parents always acknowledged my birthday with a gift, there wasn’t great fanfare, as I was the 5th birthday within a month’s time. My father’s big day fell on July 24th and mine on August 20th with mom, and brothers in between those two dates.  As I got older, the early adult years were focused on building and so birthdays came and went with no single celebration standing out. 

My thinking about birthdays has shifted a bit.  We should use birthdays as our opportunity to recommit to harnessing our power for the coming year. Let it serve as that reminder of who you are and what you bring to the world, celebrating your strengths and acknowledging your contributions.   

Tomorrow is my big day.  I am honoring it by recommitting to using my gift of wisdom by offering advice to those that value it.  I am excited to extend my training, experience and talent as an HR professional to companies that need my innovation and insight.  I am recommitting to conversations that highlight and edify women, and to explore issues of diversity and inclusion for everyone.  

When is your birthday?  What will your recommitment to harnessing your power look like?  Leos, you have another day or two.  Virgos, you’re up next.  Heck, use your half birthday. Don’t wait – tell us what you are going to do in the comments below!

Dr. Lisa Toppin

PS: Our theme song is “Its Ya Birthday (The Official Birthday Anthem)” by DJ Spynfo ft Ayo Breeze and Cheffboy


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