Defining Courage in two Words – Judge Salas

Many of you have heard the horrific story of the attack on Judge Salas’ home, leaving her husband wounded and her son dead. I cannot imagine being in conversation with my 20 year old son in one moment of complete joy, and the next minute having him shot dead at the front door because of a disturbed defendant who was able to search out the intimate details of my life, including my address.

That is the nightmare that Judge Salas lived. She is the picture of courage because, in spite of all that has happened, she has taken this moment to lead change. She is pushing for change so that this kind of personal information for any judge is kept private from the internet and that every judge is protected. We stand with her and will raise our voices with hers, calling for change. This is a moment to challenge for sure. I know we can all raise our hands on this one.

What I so love about Judge Salas is her resolve to keep going. So many of us would still be in the fetal position hoping for a small reprieve of the pain. In an interview, Judge Salas said with such conviction and clarity that she would not allow the assailant to take her work from her, too. I get that so much and admire it. Her passion for her work is a great call to action to examine your own. Whether you are fortunate enough to love your work or what it offers to your life, it’s yours and nobody gets to just take it from you because they don’t like an outcome that they are responsible for. Hold your people close if you can and hold your work in a new space of appreciation. Judge Salas, we hold you in a special place of admiration and appreciation. The courage you have shown all of us is an example we can always use on how to keep going. We are with you in the fight to change the laws to protect judges. Thank you for the change you are leading in our world, and we remain so sorry for the loss of your son.

Dr. Lisa

Our theme song for you, Judge Salas, is “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday” by Boyz II Men.


Comment 1

    April 1, 2021

    Such an amazing story of resilience and conviction! Judge Salas made a conscience decision not to remain a victim and let such a horrifying experience choke the life out of her.

    Bravo to bravery!

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