Leveraging This Situation for Good


Last week, I invited you to consider the source of your power and what you will do with it. I hope thinking through that exercise helped you with working through the changes that Covid-19 brought us at our most fundamental levels. We are adapting, stretching and growing to exist in a way that we could have only imagined a short six weeks ago. This week, I challenge you to harness your power by taking what we have been given and leveraging it for your own good.

I remember talking with a friend once about a mission trip to Africa that we were considering. We were excited about the idea of helping so many people. We were also excited about the potential to lose unwanted pounds as we’d be expending more energy and consuming less food. We knew that going on this mission trip would be a way to serve others, but we wanted to maximize the opportunities to enhance ourselves as well during that time. While we didn’t voluntarily sign up for this pandemic, as I would have volunteered to go to Africa, we should embrace this COVID-19 mission that we are currently working through in a similar way. What is YOUR mission? What change will you lead to emerge better than you were? I can’t wait to hear from you as you harness your power.

Continue to take care of yourselves,

Dr. Lisa

P.S. Your theme song is, “I Want to Take You Higher” by Sly and the Family Stone.



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  1. Dr. Lisa Toppin
    May 11, 2020

    Thank you for your comments!

  2. Pearsoni95
    May 1, 2020

    My mission is to have a healthier lifestyle and to make myself more marketable. I have changed my diet and I started working out sometimes twice a day. I also signed up for a CSM certification course. Now I need to work on meditating more and I hope my new yoga mat will help with that.

    1. Dr. Lisa Toppin
      June 22, 2020

      You are well on your way! Try adding to the mix a positive mantra like “I enjoy living a healthier lifestyle” and “I bring a lot to the table and can’t wait to share it” Everything you tell yourself has the possibility to be true!

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