Needing Support

Dear Dr. Lisa,

I have been working in my field for several years. Lately, I have felt this urge to leap into entrepreneurship. My friends and family say I am nuts because I make a great salary and entrepreneurship brings a lot of financial uncertainties.  Nevertheless, I really want to do it. How do I convince my family to get behind me on this one?


Needing Support


Dear Needing Support,

It sounds like you are really fortunate. You know what you want and you have friends and family who want the best for you. Sometimes your best and their best do not share the same approach but the goal is the same – your wellbeing.

You may have to surrender the idea that they will agree with you. They don’t need to agree to move forward. Figure out what you need from them. Do you need words of encouragement from day to day or will you need financial support if you get in a pinch? Get clear about what your ask of them would be and tell them. For example, acknowledge that that the road will be tough. If you need financial resources, ask if that is possible. You need to know that before stepping out there. My hunch is that if they care enough to express concern then they will care enough to support you, as long as your decision does not impinge upon their plans.

Now go forward and multiply. You’ve got this.

Dr. Lisa

PS: – Your theme song is “I’m Not Afraid to Try It on My Own” by Whitney Houston.

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