Nervous About the Future

Dear Dr. Lisa:

I heard Liz W’s podcast and it got me thinking about financial future. I am not where I need to be on saving and I am worried. I have been working to get my business going, and like any business, it is slow starting. I still believe in what I am doing but I do have less time if I am honest. Should I stop business and start working so I can get a 401K or keep pushing with the hopes of making it work?


Nervous About the Future


Dear Nervous About the Future:

These kinds of questions are always tough because there isn’t an exact answer. I do have advice to offer. First, you must do some self-assessment, and you may even ask others who are already successful for their view. Ultimately you will need to decide for yourself.

Consider that you are an alternative investment – not a stock or a bond, but an investment that can pay big dividends. And it is also possible that you, as the alternative investment, up against some challenges of your making, could ruin your chances for the return. That is just true. So, you are left to consider how much and how long of an investment in you to make.


  1. How much or how little do you have, and is there any way to add to it while you continue to work on your business? A financial Advisor can help you with realistic projections.
  2. Have you considered part-time work? I know of many business owners who work at places like FedEx and Starbucks, part time, to secure benefits and save while they work to build their businesses. Would you be up for something like that?
  3. How much passion do you have to see this business through? Sometimes things are for a season, and not a lifetime, and the experience has served and no longer serves all of your changing needs.
  4. How employable are you? Can you land a job making more than you do now, which would allow you to save?
  5. If you can land a position, would you be able to find some happiness in your life? Would knowing that you are securing your future be enough satisfaction for you?

These are some of the questions you can consider. You can see that how you answer will drive what decision you make. What you choose has to make sense for you. I am a firm believer in getting advice, particularly financial advice. Sit with a financial advisor; lay it all out (this is the time to be completely honest), and see what makes the most sense for you. At the end of the day, what you are considering is how to create stability for yourself, and this is the right thing to think about.

Good Luck,

Dr. Lisa

P.S. Your theme song is, “Take That to the Bank” by Shalamar.



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