People of Color and Independence

Isn’t it interesting that the system of racism is so powerful and effective, that it can make you wrong for naming it?  This power structure keeps you silent, muzzled, and fearful of speaking about the racism that has plagued our lives, for fear of being accused of using the race card and facing the repercussions. So, folks have remained stuck.  Today, we are free to identify our experiences and our white allies can see it and support us.  Freedom is in our sights.  It’s time to move to building ourselves and our communities with a solid focus on empowerment and healing.  

An excellent example is Maggie Anderson.  Ten years ago, Maggie took a stand, along with her husband and two toddler girls, to only support black businesses for an entire year.  The press covered the journey, called The Empowerment Experiment.  Millions all over the world cheered them on.  Racists threatened them.  Many followed their example.  

Now she is taking another stand and encouraging us to take a stand with her to build our community.  Watch the following video where she describes how we lost the black hair care industry: Maggie’s Newest Hair Care Challenge.  We built it.  It took care of us, and then we lost it.  It’s time to claim it back!  Accept the challenge.  I did!  And to those of you who don’t buy black hair care products, just buy black.  Make it a point to focus some of your dollars in the black community.  Every dollar is a building block.  Nobody has to do it all – we all just have to do some.  Together we’ve got this! 

Maggie Anderson is nothing short of amazing. Read more about her historic study and stance in her best-selling book “Our Black Year” which can be found at

The following is her powerful, very important Tedtalk.  It’s a must watch!  Maggie Anderson TedX

Will you accept the challenge?

Dr. Lisa

PS: Our theme song is “Glory” by Common, featuring John Legend.


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