Let’s Talk About Physical Health!

Can you believe we are at the end of the month already? Hopefully, you enjoyed the podcast featuring James Brewer. He is excellent and so committed. I appreciate the conversation with him, and his work. Tomorrow you will hear from two retirees that should inspire us all to live our best lives. So stay tuned and don’t miss that!

This month we have explored our emotional well-being and our financial well-being, as we audited these areas of our personal lives. For the last discussion on your personal audit, I want to invite you to consider your physical health.

Here’s the deal – taking care of your physical well being will allow you to fully enjoy the active, go-go years of retirement. While all of your retirement won’t be super active, you‘ll still want to position yourself to exercise the option of enjoying that lifestyle. And there it is – that dreaded word: exercise.

Ok, so I took my own advice and completed my physical audit. Some things are moving in the right direction. Other areas need some work. I have decided that my core strength is not where it should be and needs my attention. I have designated May as Core Month and I am committing to doing planks to strengthen this area. One plank every day and increasing the hold time by 5 seconds each day. Start where you start and end where you end, but you will be better than you were on May 1. I’m starting. I hope you will join me. I will give updates on my progress. Feel free to share yours too. A community effort just makes it more fun!

Dr. Lisa

Our theme song for our core challenge is “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

C’mon we can do this!

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