She’s Holdin’ it Down

May 16th is Armed Forces Day, when we will acknowledge those who are currently serving.  Unlike Veteran’s Day, which honors those who have served, and Memorial Day when we remember those who died while serving, Armed Forces Day tends to get much less attention.  Let’s fix that.  As we continue to honor mothers this month, we know there are a ton of moms who are serving and should be remembered and acknowledged on Armed Forces Day.  In addition to doing the heavy lifting as busy moms, they also make the sacrifice of serving in our military to secure all of our freedoms.

I challenge you to harness your power this week and find a mom who is serving in our Military and give her a special shout and acknowledgement for what she is contributing to our world.  I am not suggesting you blow right by our brothers who are serving, but I am asking that you find women who are often less seen and less appreciated for what they are doing.  Let them know we see them and appreciate them.  If you don’t know one, harness your power and ask somebody. They are out there!

Take care of yourselves,

Dr. Lisa

P.S. Your Theme Song is, “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera.

And I would like to shout out . . .

Anne Marie Sibal of the Air Force Reserves #flyyogawithannemarie (check her out on YouTube!)



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