Strategic Solves For Large-Scale Change In Diversity And Inclusion

As we continue on our learning journey, I want to share an article I wrote in June of 2019 published with Forbes Community Voices.  I have been talking about the need for systemic change to accomplish Diversity and Inclusion for some time.  In this short read, I am pointing us to consider AI as a part of the solution. Making it a part of the process is a big opportunity while understanding that people are always key to our evolution.  

I quickly outline how AI can be helpful,  but it is not the only solution.  When you marry it with Saber’s article mentioned in a previous blog, we understand that it is key to have a diverse group in the room to use it as a solution.

Our processes across talent systems, across industries, across companies, are the same.  We don’t change them that much. And guess what, they reproduce the same results.  We train the same – using the same companies and solutions. We evaluate talent the same, without objective measures, and on and on.  We need to deconstruct our processes and reconstruct them to identify bias practices and replace them with less biased practices to actually have a chance at expecting any change.

Finally, our people are the key.  At Illumina, we are anchored in the idea of practice.  If each one of us develops a practice for ourselves, then we all get better together at our own pace and in our own way.  That is important.  We don’t start the race in the same place, and to expect us to run the race in the same way and at the same pace flies in the face of diversity and inclusion.  The only expectation is that we get in the race and begin.  Check out my article from 2019 for my full assessment and reflection on how we can think about this.  

Strategic Solves For Large-Scale Change In Diversity And Inclusion (

Dr. Lisa

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