Take a Chance on Yourself

Dear Dr. Lisa:

I am in a quandary with a good problem to have. I have two job offers! That’s a blessing. My challenge is, I am not sure which one to take. The first one – it’s a good title with a good salary but limited forward growth. It’s a jump from where I am right now but I see limits in the future. The second is a contract assignment. It’s very well compensated but the future is less certain since it remains undefined still. I believe in the leadership and they are excited about having me. Do I take the safer option although, long term, it’s not going anywhere, or should I take the less certain road? What should I do or how will I know what to do? I need to decide quickly.


Should I Go Left or Right?


Dear Should I Go Left or Right?:

You are correct – that is a good dilemma. So often I am encouraging those who don’t have jobs, but you have two! Well done. Oprah came to town not too long ago and I think she gave the best advice. I can’t improve upon it, so I will share what she said. “Take a chance on yourself.” It’s clear from your note that you believe there is more opportunity for you in job two. It just hasn’t been revealed yet. Those are the perfect conditions for taking a chance on yourself. You believe in them and they believe in you. It doesn’t get better. Get to work and prepare for greatness!

Best of luck. I’m excited for you.

Dr. Lisa

P.S. Your theme song is, “Lose Yourself” by Eminem.



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