The Signal

In softball/baseball, the catcher gives a signal to the pitcher to tell him what pitch to throw.  I don’t know if it has a formal name, but it is an important step.  It’s signaling the next play.  Now, I’d like you to imagine that you are the catcher for Harnessing your Power, and you are calling the play and providing yourself the signal of what to pitch.  What play do you want to call for yourself?  What signal do you want to send, as you prepare for the windup and the pitch?

As the catcher decides on what play to call, she must consider several things.  First, what is the current landscape and what is likely the mindset of the batter?  Next, what is the batter capable of and likely to do given the field positioning and score?  And what is the entire context of the game, up to this point, and what will create the best defensive play, likely to yield an out?  

It’s time to take account for 2020.  You know what this year has been for you.  For many it has been difficult, and some of you have actually had some great outcomes.  In that moment of truth, what is your current landscape?  How are you thinking about things?  Given the field and what goals you have and what challenges you face, what pitch should you call?  How will you play 2021?  It’s time for you to call the pitch.  And guess what?  You’re the pitcher, too!

Dr. Lisa


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