The Windup

In our discussion last week, we talked about the signal.  The catcher gives the pitcher the signal on what pitch to throw.  You, as the pitcher, now have the signal on what approach to take for a winning 2021.  With the clarity of the play, you must now execute “the windup.”  

What’s the windup? It’s setting your intention. 

Set your intention for 2021.  What would you like the year to be?  How would you like to perform during the year?  What outcome do you want to create and how will you react when you have achieved it?  Answering these questions gives you the windup.

Now you have to mentally prepare and physically prepare. Once you get your mind focused, how do you hold your body?  What is your best form?

With all of this in mind, you start the windup.  You begin to execute on your play.  Do you need a new calendar or perhaps a fresh journal?  Will you use meditation as a key practice to meet your intention?  How will you organize your work?  How will you keep track of what you need to do next?  All prep work is your windup.  

So let’s get to it.  Let’s wind up for 2021 and get ready to pitch!

Dr. Lisa

PS: Our theme song is “People Get Ready” by Curtis Mayfield.


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