Think Before Reshuffling

When you turn to any news outlet or social media platform, you can’t escape the discussion around recession. Prognosticators suggest that it is a real possibility, but the bigger question is: how long will it last? This poses a unique challenge for people considering making career changes in the midst of this uncertainty. There are a few things I’d recommend taking into consideration as you explore opportunities and new positions.

Consider why you might want to leave your current employment and what you’re heading to. Often, “the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence.” It feels good when the new company wants you and courts you. It’s similar to anticipating a first date with someone that showed great potential. But, sometimes, once you get settled in, you find yourself longing for your old partner back.  So, if you decide to move on, go thoughtfully. 

Most importantly, take a moment to reconsider and evaluate whether there is any overlooked value that can be found where you are now. Maybe, as you slow down and take an honest look, you can fully evaluate where you are and what you need. You may find that a more focused effort to extract the value from your current environment is the solution you hadn’t considered.

Whether we are truly in or on the brink of a recession–or if we will drive ourselves into one as a result of our slowed spending in response to the fear that the media injects into our daily lives–there is much to consider if you are considering taking the leap to a new role or company.

Dr. Lisa

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