Women’s History Month: “We Celebrate Great Service”

Dr. Deborah Birx came to be a household name for her service on President Trump’s Corona Virus task force. I appreciated seeing her there, alongside Dr. Anthony Fauci, helping us understand what we needed to know about living through a pandemic.

I came to appreciate her even more after hearing her interview on the Face the Nation. She was clear that her time on the task force was difficult, but she remained committed to the work and helping the world understand and navigate the virus. It was clear that she felt as though she had not gotten a fair shake, and was really disappointed when she was accused of letting President Trump slide as he suggested nonsensical approaches to treating the virus. I was glad she took the space to explain that when President Trump asked that question, he was talking to someone else, and why she did not correct him.

Let’s be honest, few people publicly correct their leaders. That usually does not end well. Expecting Dr. Birx to do what the rest of us would not isn’t reasonable. What was illustrative for all of us was that she was willing to absorb the mis-characterization of her service and the personal hits on her and her family and even the loss of friends, as long as she could stay focused on the right outcomes for our country. She took solace in knowing the record would reflect her work. She was ok to accept that she would not be celebrated now, but would retire and let history reflect her contribution.

Dr. Deborah Birx, I say to you today that you do not have to wait until we reflect on history to see and value your work. We celebrate your excellence. We have deep appreciation for your service to our country and deep respect for your willingness to stand in the fire and look for alternative ways to get the message out. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I cannot close this blog without acknowledging how much I appreciated your style and your signature scarf. You made scarfs trending, in my book, and although I am not sure I can pull off regular scarf wearing, I do think about how I can call on my inner Dr. Birx from time to time. 😀

Dr. Lisa

Our theme song is “Thank You” by Boyz II Men.


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