Needing Support

Dear Dr. Lisa, I have been working in my field for several years. Lately, I have felt this urge to leap into entrepreneurship. My friends and family say I am nuts because I make a great salary...

Stuck and Miserable

Dear Dr. Lisa, I am writing out of desperation. I hope you can help me. I hate my job. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I stumbled on to this path. It pays well but I am sick of it.

Blameless and Sad

Dear Dr. Lisa, This is a tough one. It would take way too long to give you all of the details. Long story short, my manager and I have worked together for a few years...

Input to Action: Focus on Diversity

Understanding and appreciating how we are all so different and so much the same at the same time can be challenging. Add in work and hierarchy and it can…

Dimensions of Diversity – Introduction

These podcasts will present the stories of other people and how they are different. It will highlight the diversity of perspective and how we are all the same at the same time.

Career – Blazin’ your path: On a Mission

The world is evolving so fast and so are careers. New opportunities emerge all of the time and others become obsolete. Adding to that complexity, you evolve…

Coming Soon

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