The Pitch

We covered the Signal (our approach to 2021). 

The Windup is in motion (our preparation to execute). 

Now it is time for the Pitch.  We must now prepare to throw the ball.

We have come to the end of 2020. This year has been an experience that we are not likely to know again in our lifetime.  Even though the pandemic is not expected to be resolved in the coming year, 2021 will look different. This new year has the potential to be the year we want it to be.  

With a clear intention and plan in place, we have the best positioning to achieve our most desired outcomes. Does this mean nothing will go wrong?  Of course not!  We know trials show up and do exactly what we need them to: teach us what we need to learn to go to the next thing.  Will our plan, and thus our pitch, land exactly how we would like? No, not every time.  

This is where the team makes the difference.

Sometimes pitchers who are having a great game pitch to somebody who is having an equally great moment and they hit the ball.  If its a “No Hitter”- a game where a team doesn’t have a single hit – it’s not just the reflection of the pitcher but of the entire team not letting anyone on base.  The question you need to ask is who is on your team and are they prepared for your 2021 plan?  Bring people that can support you and your plans for your life.  Tell them what you hope to accomplish and how you plan to get there.  Let them know what you believe their role can be and what you need from them.  Let them be your outfield that catches the ball before it goes over the fence, maintaining your outstanding game.  Remember, a perfect game means no one got on base.  It doesn’t mean no one hit the ball.  Let your team execute with precision.   

Let’s get to it.  Focus on your plan and set the goals to meet your idea of excellence.  Send perfection packing.  Line up the best team to support you.  Celebrate when great plays are made.  Congratulate the excellence around you and thank your team members for their support.  Execute, execute, execute!  This is your time.  This is your year.  Time is a precious gem that sometimes gets treated like a commodity.  Don’t waste your 2021, instead signal, wind up and pitch yourself into the best year yet!

Dr. Lisa

PS: Our theme song to get this thing going is “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” by McFadden and Whitehead.


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