Managing a Tough One

Management can be rewarding and it can also be tough. One manager has reached out to Dr. Lisa, knowing the right thing to do, but just needing a little support. Dr. Lisa offers support in today’s blog entry.

I Just Don’t Know

Dear Dr. Lisa, I am not happy with my work and I have no idea of what I want to do. My manager is supportive and knows this is not the right job for me. We have had several conversations about what would be a good fit, but I just don’t know...

Outside in the Cold

Being laid off is hard. Dealing with the perception that you might be dealing with age discrimination is even harder. Here’s an approach to finding work when facing a change you didn’t ask for.

Needing Support

Dear Dr. Lisa, I have been working in my field for several years. Lately, I have felt this urge to leap into entrepreneurship. My friends and family say I am nuts because I make a great salary...

Stuck and Miserable

Dear Dr. Lisa, I am writing out of desperation. I hope you can help me. I hate my job. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I stumbled on to this path. It pays well but I am sick of it.

Blameless and Sad

Dear Dr. Lisa, This is a tough one. It would take way too long to give you all of the details. Long story short, my manager and I have worked together for a few years...