Veterans Appreciation

I have the honor and advantage to be married to a 23-year Retired Veteran of the United States’ Navy.  While I am sure to make it known that I appreciate his service, I thought it would be helpful and insightful to learn from him what he appreciates most about his years in service.  So, I asked him. Boy was I right – he offered a lot to think about and I wanted to share a few key takeaways with you. 

It’s The Holiday Season – First Up DiWali

While it can be easy to get caught up and consumed by the holidays that we personally celebrate, I encourage you to learn more about the holidays that you don’t typically honor. In the spirit of embracing diversity and discovering and building inclusion, finding connections with holidays you do not celebrate can bring a new kind of joy.

Feeling Stifled?

As we close out the month, I want to turn our attention to our careers.  I found a great article, "Feeling Stuck or Stymied?" by Dorie Clark, about the demoralization that can occur when a person perceives their career progress to be slower than it should be or stalled. 

Back to School

In most parts of the country, our kids are headed back to school for in-person classroom learning. We learned a lot about ourselves over the last year about our own adaptivity and how much we could get done via technology.